Tetsuya Nomura Shared a Kingdom Hearts: Missing Link Progress Report

Kingdom Hearts Missing Link Nomura

Square Enix’s Tetsuya Nomura shared an update about the progress of Kingdom Hearts: Missing Link development following the closed prototype test, which ran through January 18-13, 2023. Only 1,000 players were able to participate in this past beta, available only for Japanese servers and limited to iOS devices. Nomura also confirmed that players on Android devices, himself included, would be next to participate in future tests.

In a tweet posted through the Kingdom Hearts Dark Road official Japanese account, Nomura thanked players for their participation in the prototype test of the upcoming Kingdom Hearts: Missing Link mobile game. In the update, Nomura shared that the test included roughly 70% of the gameplay features, 50% of the UI elements, and none of the story content intended to appear in the final version of the game. Nomura expressed that the version experienced in the prototype test was representative of approximately 50% of the final experience of the game.

Square Enix recently detailed some gameplay features and customization options that the game will include. The official Kingdom Hearts Dark Road Japanese twitter account is acting as a placeholder for news about Kingdom Hearts: Missing Link while Square Enix works on acquiring a separate official twitter account.

Kingdom Hearts: Missing Link is currently in development for Android and iOS devices.

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