TGA 2022: Death Stranding 2 Unveiled

Death Stranding 2

The 2022 Game Awards showed the official unveiling of unveiled Death Stranding 2, a follow-up to 2019’s Death Stranding. Though not officially confirmed, actor and Death Stranding star Norman Reedus let slip that it was in production. The new trailer heavily features Fragile, played by actor Léa Seydoux.

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Check out the trailer below, which stresses that Death Stranding 2 is a working title. This could mean it’ll have a different title closer to release.

In the trailer, Fragile is shown playing with a baby, while the lullaby song sung by Cliff to Lou from Death Stranding plays in the background. Some emergency strikes, and Fragile escapes from her bunker with the baby. Mads Mikkelsen’s voice as Cliff follows them. Later, Norman Reedus as Sam Porter Bridges emerges into the light onboard Fragile’s ship. Sam’s hair has turned completely white, possibly from exposure to the “Timefall” rain that ages a person. Fragile invites Sam to join her crew, as a large carrier-like vessel emerges from the sea in front of a series of white cliffs. The trailer closes out with a sinister-looking group of masked people with Oradek scanners plays a rock remix of the lullaby theme. Other imagery from the trailer include a BB container containing what looks to be a BT, and a tentacled creature appearing in the place of Lou’s BB container.

Additionally, Kojima teased images and other hints about the game over the last several months. The most recent tease came less than 24 hours before the show proper, a tweet showing the silhouettes of three actors behind the text “How Come?” Actor Elle Fanning was previously confirmed to be involved with the project.

Death Stranding 2 is in development. The trailer did not specify the game’s target platforms or release window. The original Death Stranding released exclusively for the PS4, and was then ported to PC later on. The Death Stranding Director’s Cut upgrade was also released for the PS5 and PC, adding new side content.

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