TGA 2022: Celeste Developers’ New Game is Earthblade

Earthblade Celeste Developer New Game

Extremely OK Games (EXOK), developer of Celeste, have a new game in the works, due out in 2024. It’s called Earthblade. It appears to take a more fantastical angle compared to Celeste. The game appeared in its first trailer at The Game Awards 2022.

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Check it out below.

The trailer shows Névoa, a young horned character waking up from slumber to meet a mysterious bard. The bard notices that Névoa “travels Fate”, as well. The camera pans to reveal a detailed and atmospheric world, the ruins of an Earth long expired. The camera follows Névoa as they traverse the ruins and defeat various enemies. Névoa’s also shown consuming some of the creatures they fight, perhaps for upgrades or health. The trailer fades to the Earthblade logo when the player arrives at a wooden frame that manifests some kind of reflection leading elsewhere. Players will travel the ruins of Earth in a quest to reassemble the lost history of the world.

Besides the new game Earthblade and Celeste, EXOK Games also developed Towerfall, a multiplayer platform-action game. Celeste received critical acclaim, and was highlighted for accessibility features like an “Assist Mode” that allowed players to adjust game mechanics to their liking. Celeste won the Audience Award at the Independent Game Festival Awards, Action Game of the Year at the 22nd DICE Awards, and became a staple attraction at speedrunning events like Games Done Quick.

Earthblade is in development for PC with a 2024 release window.

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