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The 24-Hour Pokemon Sword & Shield Livestream Reveals What Seems To Be Galarian Ponyta


galarian ponyta 1

The 24-hour livestream for Pokemon Sword and Shield has come and gone, and while most of the Pokemon that appeared (when they did appear) were already confirmed for the game, we had a new reveal with Galarian Ponyta. [Thanks, Serebii!]


Galarian Ponyta has something of a Fairy-type coloration, and seems to be based on the stouter Shetland pony. While Galarian Ponyta has not been officially named, its voice clip seems to be unchanged from regular Ponyta.


Check out a cute moment between two Galarian Ponyta below [Thanks, @Melwin5939 on Twitter!]:


Pokemon Sword and Shield will come to the Nintendo Switch on November 15, 2019. Check out a revised statement that addresses the mistranslation regarding the 18 Gyms here.

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