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The Ageless Release Date Is July 28, 2020

ageless release date

There is now an Ageless release date for two versions of the game, The indie will be appearing swiftly, showing time really doesn’t seem to matter anymore. It will appear digitally on July 28, 2020. When it does, you’ll have the chance to use Kiara’s ability to manipulate time to help her come to grips with things happening in her own life and alter her environment to progress through various unusual locations.

Here’s a new trailer taking a better look at Ageless. It helps set up the story of someone with no sense of purpose and no memories. It also very much gives off a Celeste sort of vibe, what with its platforming situations, though Kiara has the ability to use weapons and the ability to age animals and plants. In the video, for example, you can see her directing the time magic at plant sprouts to turn them into fully grown vines while she’s jumping from one to the other, so you can then reach the room’s exit on the other side.

The Ageless release date for the Nintendo Switch and PC versions is July 28, 2020. It is a single-player adventure and already English, Japanese, Portuguese, Russian, and both Simplified and Traditional Chinese language options have been confirmed.

Jenni Lada
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