The Aggretsuko Second Season Will Arrive On Netflix On June 14, 2019




The next season of Aggretsuko has been dated. It was initially confirmed at Anime Expo 2018, where Netflix noted the Aggretsuko second season would arrive in 2019. It will be added to the streaming service on June 14, 2019.


The debut date was revealed via an exchange between the official Netflix, Aggretsuko, and Sanrio Twitter accounts. It began with the Netflix account asking for ways to channel rage ahead of the new season’s launch. The Aggretsuko account said, “Have you considered tearing down the corporate overlords who force us to work dehumanizing office jobs?’ The Sanrio account responded with, “Please don’t violently overthrow any institutions, @aggretsuko.” It all eventually culminated in Netflix revealing the day the new episodes would appear and sharing four new screenshots from the season.


The new screenshots feature both new and returning characters. Retsuko is performing karaoke in one scene. In another, she is out drinking with Washimi and Gori, two of her friends who are in higher positions in the company. We see her with Haida, the hyena coworker who has a crush on her, in an elevator. Finally, one shot appears to show Retsuko with her mother. Her mother also features prominently in a Japanese trailer, in which she seems to be pressuring her to get married.




The first season of Aggretsuko is immediately available on Netflix. As a reminder, Neon Genesis Evangelion is heading to the service in 2019 too, as well as a live-action Cowboy Bebop series and Dragon’s Dogma anime.

Jenni Lada
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