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The Alliance Alive HD Remastered Reintroduces The Five Guilds And Signimancy


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    The Alliance Alive HD Remastered’s official website has been updated once again, this time reintroducing the five guilds that are the key to reconnecting the realms, as well as the Telegraph system.


    Here are the five guilds below:

    The five Guilds were formed in order to help humankind take back their freedom. As you go along the story, NPCs will decide to join your cause when you talk to them, and you can choose which guilds to bolster.

    Recon Guild

    alliance alive hd 1 alliance alive hd 2

    alliance alive hd 3

    Guild function: Slay monsters.

    Guild support: May stun monsters at the start of the turn.


    Blacksmith Guild

    alliance alive hd 4

    alliance alive hd 5

    alliance alive hd 6

    Guild function: Make equipment.

    Guild support: Fires the Guild Cannon that does AoE damage at the start of turns sometimes.


    Library Guild

    alliance alive hd 7

    alliance alive hd 8

    alliance alive hd 9

    Guild function: Item encyclopedia (and one Signimancy)

    Guild support: Performs real-time analysis that reduces the physical defense of enemies, as well as identify weaknesses.


    Signimancy Guild

    alliance alive hd 10

    alliance alive hd 11

    alliance alive hd 12

    Guild function: Develop Signimancy arts.

    Guild support: Performs Signimancy Wall sometimes that raises overall defense of allies.


    Tactics Guild

    alliance alive hd 13

    alliance alive hd 14

    alliance alive hd 15

    Guild function: Develop formations.

    Guild support: Increase the effects of positioning at the start of turn occasionally.


    Guild Girls

    alliance alive hd 16

    alliance alive hd 17

    The staff working the various guilds.



    alliance alive hd 18

    After deciding on their roles, you’ll be sending the characters off to various parts of the world to work in newly created Guild Towers. The Telegraph system is used to communicate between these Guild Towers, and reconstruct connections between the separated realms.


    Finally, a video showing off the Crimson Echo Final Strike is available here.


    The Alliance Alive HD Remastered releases for PlayStation 4 and Nintendo Switch in North America on October 8, in Japan on October 11, and in Europe on October 11, 2019. The PC version release date will be announced later.

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