The Binding Of Isaac: Afterbirth’s ARG Unlocked A New Character


the keeper

A new playable character has been unlocked in The Binding of Isaac: Afterbirth, but it wasn’t easy.


You may recall that the game’s community was chasing what appeared to be an ARG set-up by creator Edmund McMillen. Well, it was, and after many days of putting odd clues together (that you can read about in this step-by-step summary, or in this shorter summary), it ended up that some people digging up a figurine wrapped in bubble wrap inside a building in Santa Ana, California.


The figure (pictured above) led to the discovery of a Twitter account – @iamisaacsbody – which they had to guess the password to and then tweet from it to give the character a voice. Upon doing that, this tweet suddenly appeared, saying that “The community unlocked… something hidden” and then an update to Afterbirth on Steam rolled out.


That update unlocked the character depicted in the figurine, whose name is Keeper, along with his achievements and the items associated with him. To actually unlock Keeper in the game, you need to donate 999 coins to the Greed Machine and then blow it up.


Keeper starts with a triple shot and a single bomb. He also uses coins as health but can only have two coins at any one time. When collecting hearts as Keeper they turn into Blue Flies.

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