After announcing that The Binding of Isaac: Rebirth will be coming to Xbox One, Wii U, and New Nintendo 3DS on April Fool’s Day, Edmund McMillen wanted to clear up all the details and also talk more about the upcoming expansion.


In this blog post, McMillen re-asserts that Rebirth “IS FOR SURE” heading to those new platforms. He also says that it “will not be released for the old 3ds, only the new 3ds will run it,” further explaining that publisher Nicalis and himself “worked on it for over a year and it looked/played horribly.”


After that, McMillen goes on to discuss what’s upcoming in the Afterbirth expansion that should be heading to Rebirth this summer. Here’s the list of confirmed features McMillen has released so far:


  • 100+ new items
  • a new playable character (Lilith)
  • a whole new alt path and game ending
  • a whole new game mode that will greatly expand the game by 100+ more hours
  • new alt floors
  • tons new enemies and bosses
  • a lot of new super secrets
  • 10 new challenges
  • a butt ton of new achievements
  • 6+ new music tracks
  • more poop!


Lastly, McMillen detailed on the new items that will be available on the Afterbirth update. It was an idea submitted by a player called a “Friend Ball.” It lets you capture a non-boss enemy inside a ball that you can then throw to release it and have it attack other enemies for you. So, essentially, it’s a Pokéball, then.


McMillen reckons it will be “one of the most fun [items] for sure,” and adds that “its nice seeing who would win in a fight.. a globin or a knight?”

Chris Priestman

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