The Black-And-White World Of Kieru Brings Extra Tension To The Ninja Stealth Game



Kieru takes the stealth game to its extremities. It takes place in an entirely black-and-white world, and features two teams of ninjas, one entirely black and the other entirely white, who must search for each other’s silhouettes in the silence as they move in for the kill.


As each ninja is able to blend in with a single color, essentially becoming invisible, there’s a lot of tension in Kieru. You can never be sure exactly where your opponent is lurking. And each dash between the colors risks exposing yourself.


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If the ninjas should have a clash and one of them is wounded the game becomes one of predator and prey. The wounded bleeds red all over the floor. This leaves a trail for their opponent to follow. However, clever ninjas can use this trail to dupe their enemy, and get a sneak attack on them.


Kieru supports a number of multiplayer game modes that its creators say riff on this central idea in different ways. Matches can be played between two or more people, always split into teams of black and white.


You can vote for Kieru on Steam Greenlight.

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Chris Priestman