The Blue Flamingo Is A Bite-Sized Shmup Made From Hand-Made Models



You may know Might and Delight for its platformer Pid, or its animal survival games Shelter, and Shelter 2. But did you know that the studio has released a bite-sized shmup called The Blue Flamingo?


Might and Delight kept the development of The Blue Flamingo quiet until the game was released on Steam on November 18th. While it’s a small game that costs only $4.99, it’s unique in that it has been created out of hand-made miniature models.


A 32 feet long handcrafted model was built for the game, as well as all the props and assets, and then all of it filmed and photographed before being put into the game. Strings and magnets were used to pull vehicles along, while firecrackers and other pyrotechnics were used for explosions and rocket flares.


Aside from that, The Blue Flamingo has an interesting economical system at its heart. When you beat each level, you can choose to invest the score you’ve accumulated in upgrades, or you can keep hold of your score and will see an interest rate increase it rapidly, relying on your skills rather than firepower to survive.


The idea is of The Blue Flamingo is for it to be a replayable shmup that rewards risk-taking while also providing a unique graphical style. You can purchase the game on Steam for $4.99. There’s more information on its website.

Chris Priestman