The Blueprint For The Next Metal Max Game Is Already Being Designed

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Yesterday, Metal Max Xeno celebrated its first anniversary, and director Hiroshi Miyaoka and producer Juntarou Kouno shared their thoughts on the matter, including a reveal that the next game in the series is already in the works.


Hiroshi Miyaoka


“Congratulations on Metal Max Xeno’s first anniversary since release!

Time passes by as quickly as an APFSDS shell. I’m currently fantasizing, creating, looking over, destroying, and discarding ideas for the next game!

Let’s see how strong an idea we can cook up!”


Juntarou Kouno


“I’m really thankful that we reached the first anniversary!

Alongside Miyaoka and development director Tomono, preparations are already underway for the next title.

We hope we can tell you more during the hot Summer that might make you think of Dystokio…

Also, the digital version is currently on sale. For those who haven’t played the game, or those who are interested, please take this opportunity to do so!!”


Metal Max Xeno is available for PlayStation 4 in the West, and released on PlayStation Vita in Japan as well.

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