The Catgirls Return On August 17th In NEKOPARA Vol. 0



Sekai Project is publishing NEKOPARA Vol. 0 on Steam on August 17th. It’s a “fandisc” to last year’s NEKOPARA Vol. 1.


As the number of this volume in the NEKOPARA series implies, Vol. 0’s story takes place before NEKOPARA Vol. 1, just before Kashou opens "La Soleil." (In NEKOPARA Vol. 1 you play as young pastry chef Kashou Minaduki as he lives life with the cat girls he finds inside his new patisserie “La Soleil.”)


Vol. 0 is intended as a more leisurely experience that outlines the “daily lives of Shigure and the Minaduki household’s catgirls.” You’ll follow the eldest daughter of the Minaduki household as she runs around after her master with the six catgirls.

Chris Priestman