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The Changes To Classes In Etrian Odyssey Untold: The Millennium Girl


Etrian Odyssey Untold: The Millennium Girl has a wide variety of classes to choose from in Classic Mode. Many of these have roots that can be seen in other Etrian Odyssey games, but Untold certainly doesn’t have a dearth of jobs to choose from. There are also two classes special to Story Mod—Highlander and Gunner—which we’ll cover later.


The standard swordsman class is the Landsknecht. They are basically the physical combat jack-of-all-trades, with stat increases possible in almost every category. They can equip swords and axes, and their skillset reflects this dual-specialty.


A Survivalist class is the Ranger of Etrian Odyssey Untold. As usual, they have a relatively low defense stat but amazingly high agility that can also be boosted through skill points. They also have supplementary skills that improve the party’s rates of preemptive attacks and the rate of rare items from any of the collecting points in the dungeons – mining, gathering, and chopping.


Protectors serve the roles they always have. They have very incredibly high HP and defense with skills that increase the party’s physical defense as well as skills that allows the Protector to guard either the front or rear line. They’re also rather heavy hitters, although this definitely isn’t their priority.


The Dark Hunter is an interesting class. They use whips and swords and have skill sets for both. However, their sword skills are extremely different from those of the Landsknecht. Rather than focusing on physical and elemental attacks, the Dark Hunter’s skills focus on inflicting status effects in addition to damage. The rather…  interestingly named whip skills focus on binding different parts of the enemy.


The Medic is the only class that specializes in healing (though not the only class with Healing skills), but this time around, they also have a fair attack stat that allows them to fight on the frontlines. In addition, they can also learn status afflictions as well as elemental defense skills.


The Alchemist is the magician this time around. They learn all sorts of elemental attacks that are very powerful. Unfortunately, their HP, defense, and attack are so low they can’t take a role in the front line like the Medic. Their spells can hit either one enemy or an entire party. They also have a few intermediate-powered spells with various splash effects, encouraging the player to vary their elemental attacks.


Meanwhile, the Troubadour is a bard that specializes in buffs for the parties. They can learn techniques that increase any stat of your choice temporarily, increase HP or TP after any turn, hasten the healing from any status affliction, add an element to physical attacks of any ally, and decrease elemental resistance to any element of all enemies. Understandably, they also have skills that increase TP.


A Ronin is like a Landsknecht that specializes in swords and attacking. They have many different physical skills that target individuals or parties or attack multiple times and they also have access to skills that increase their attack and defense stat. However, their uniqueness come from their use of stances. The buffing skills have a side effect of leaving the Ronin in a certain stance, and some skills are only accessible after the Ronin has entered that stance. There are three stances, and each gives access to a different set of skills that inflict various status effects and deal different elemental damage.


Last, but not least, is the Hexer. This class specializes in inducing debuffs and status effects on the enemy. Any stat can be decreased. They can also induce fear in the enemy in addition to being able to control terrorized enemies to their will. For example, they can make any enemy that has fear attack themselves or attack each other.


Each class has their own specialties and skill set to learn. However, a character isn’t confined to his or her skillset, since they can also use any skill available on their Grimoire Stone, although this is a story for another day.