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The Characters in Hades II Are Already Enticing

The first Hades was an absolute delight. I enjoyed the game so much that it became my very first 10/10 review. While the game was an exhilarating blend of fast-paced action combat and the exciting randomness that roguelikes have to offer, what really pulled me in was the story. Hades was the first roguelike where I was drawn in, ready to throw myself at waves of enemies to learn more about the narrative and engage with the characters. And given my time with the Hades II Technical Test, I can say that the characters in this highly anticipated sequel have already captured my interest.

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Hades 2 Melinoe Profile
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Hades II is a sequel to the first game, where Melinoe, the sister of Zagreus and daughter of Hades and Persephone, is fighting to liberate her father and mother from the grips of the Titan of Time, Chronos. It’s Supergiant Games’ spin on Greek mythology, told through interpersonal relationships between Greek and Chthonic Gods. Melinoe herself is already an interesting character; the stakes of the war between the Olympians and the Titans are already high for her. The fate of her mother, father, and brother hangs in the balance. And Hades II drip feeds you her backstory through vignettes or through her interaction with notable mythological figures like Odysseus.

Hecate is also an integral figure, serving as a surrogate mother figure and mentor to the young Melinoe. It is implied that Melinoe was rescued by Hecate, and in a flashback, we learn more about the kindness she showed the young Goddess. There is a particularly touching scene where they are playing tag, which is later followed up by a conversation that adds a layer of depth to their relationship and Hecate’s possible reason for rescuing her. Outside of a suggested closeness between Hecate and Persephone, Hecate has raised Melinoe with the intention to wage war against Chronos — a weapon to use against those who imprisoned her family. Melinoe questions this briefly, but not before I exhausted the Hades II technical test of dialogue.

Hades 2 Characters
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But it isn’t just Melinoe and Hecate I’m interested in; it’s Melinoe’s relationship and rivalry with Nemesis. While Lord Moro, the manifestation of doom himself, is more up my alley in terms of looks, Nemesis and Hecate have something going on. They’re rivals, trained under Hecate with the intention of war. However, Nemesis becomes increasingly hostile to Melinoe as she makes her way to the Underworld. There’s a clear hostility there that has a history, further compounded if you give her Nectar. Melinoe asks Nemesis if they can pick up where they left off, to which Nemesis begrudgingly considers.

Hades II is a really excellent game, even in it’s early stages. But the characters and story have already gripped me. There’s a solid foundation there, which is no surprise. Hades was an excellent game, and I expect Hades II might even surpass that. Regardless, I’m so excited for Early Access and that full release further down the line, just to get to know these characters more.

Hades II will be released in Early Access sometime in the near future. A full release has yet to be announced.

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