Nintendo DS

The Classes of Soma Bringer


sbringer.jpgOriginally I wanted to do a gameplay oriented post about Soma Bringer; but considering my progress in the game has been greatly halted due to Super Smash Bros. Brawl's release and my constantly playing it with friends, family, and anonymous people online (sorry Spencer!), I haven't been able to dedicate as much time to Soma Bringer as I'd originally intended. There's lots of neat perks and uniqueness to the game, but that will be mentioned in another post. Right now, I wanted to do a small post related to the classes of the game and talk a bit about them. For the record, I stopped after completing Act 2!


When starting a new game, you are prompted to select one of the 7 main heroes of the game. Depending on which hero you choose, the stats for each of the 6 classes will vary. The classes are:

  • Battler- Melee class with the most HP. Battlers can use both one handed and two handed weapons, and can also dual wield weapons.
  • Corps- Balanced (attack and defense) melee class. Corps can equip one handed swords and spears and also equip a shield and use holy magic as support.
  • Darks- Heavy melee class. Darks can equip two handed swords and shields and are well versed in the dark arts. They use their arts to sacrifice their own HP to deal heavier damage on the enemy.
  • Gunners- Range oriented class. Gunners, obviously, can equip bows and guns and also inflict status effects on the enemy. They can also use traps!
  • Kampfs- Light melee class. Kampfs can dual wield two pole arms and use their own hands for combat. They excel very well in executing combos and speed, and they can even perform some nifty secret attacks.
  • Somas- Magician class. Somas can equip staves and attacks with spells to deal damage.


One thing to keep in mind about the classes is the limit each of them has when it comes to equipping kinds of weapons. While some classes will allow you to go outside the recommended weapon equipment, other classes won't allow you to equip different kinds of weapons. Every time you level up, you'll receive AP that'll allow you to increase the skill level of the class' weaponry of choice, allowing you to use unique skills limited to the weapon. All weapons (including hand-to-hand) have their own set of skills; and the more points you give to the skill, the more effective and damaging the skill will be. Skills also require that you meet a certain rank in your class of choice before having access to them, so leveling up to increase your class rank is a sure deal. 


The game is a lot of fun, and you can definitely see how Monolith Soft focused on the gameplay first then the story. Hopefully I can finish it up without spending more time on Brawl. It's just too much fun!