The Cool Things You Can Make In Animal Crossing: Happy Home Designer



Nintendo recently revealed Animal Crossing: Happy Home Designer, where your character will be responsible for making the happy homes of the villagers instead of your own. The latest videos for the game shows us what else you’ll be making in the game.


In Animal Crossing: Happy Home Designer, you’ll work alongside Tom Nook to help build homes for the villagers. They’ll have various request that you must coordinate around.


For example, a Kangaroo villager like Carrie might show up with her joey and say that she wants a house that will be good for her child to grow up in, so it’ll be up to you to make something playful and maybe a little park in the front yard.


There will be villagers that make various other requests, such as ones that have a thing for polka-dots, you’ll want to use up every kind of furniture you have with them as the design. As you meet their demands, you’ll have access to more furniture, and will be able to meet requests better.


Now, once you’ve finished helping out your first few tenants, there will be other tasks that await. Most of the facilities in town are closed off, and as you advance through the story, they will unlock one by one, except you’ll need to help in the redesigning.


The above video shows us a school that you’ll be designing. You can make it a traditional school or a magic school. Other buildings include a hotel, convenient store, flower store, an office, restaurant, concert hall, hospital, regular shop, department store, and more.


Once you’ve completed a new facility or building, you’ll get to visit it and meet the villagers hanging out in the area. You can check out the below video to see more of what the game has to offer:



Animal Crossing: Happy Home Designer will release in North America on September 25th and in Europe on October 2nd for Nintendo 3DS.

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