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The Cost to Instantly Buy Your Way into FFXIV Endwalker (Update)

The Cost to Instantly Buy Your Way into FFXIV Endwalker

Ideally in Final Fantasy XIV, you play through the MMORPG at your own pace. You take in the story over expansions. This prepares you for the story. It builds up your character so you’re ready for what’s next. But with FFXIV Endwalker, people might be searching for an “easy” way into it. Players with a lot of spare cash and little extra time. Well, Square Enix does offer an option for that. So, let’s go over what it would cost and the price people would have to pay to immediately buy your way into getting ready for FFXIV Endwalker. Editor’s Note: This is only for people who wish to pay to jump to Endwalker content. People can just buy the base game and Endwalker expansion, then access everything via hard work over time.

First is the obvious cost. You’ll need FFXIV if you don’t already have it. The $19.99 base game works. You’ll also need to buy FFXIV Endwalker, and the price of its standard edition is $39.99. That gives you Heavensward, Stormblood, and Shadowbringers expansions too. Pre-ordering it gets you access on December 3, 2021. So for the game and expansions alone, you’ll be paying $59.98.

Once you own the game, that’s when the additional expenses come up. You’ll need to pay more to be prepared for content right away. This means two things. You’ll need to pay to catch up with the story and for a job to be ready. As you might imagine, Square Enix lets you pay to do that.

Getting a job ready is actually the cheaper of the two elements. That means getting a Tales of Adventure: One Hero’s Journey item. These are $25 each and let you immediately take one job to level 80. You’ll get its Soul Crystal, all of its actions, Scaevan gear and a weapon, an accessory set, and items that can be sold for a total of 500,000 gil. So you can get a level 80 Astrologian, Bard, Black Mage, Dancer, Dark Knight, Dragoon, Gunbreaker, Machinist, Monk, Ninja, Paladin, Red Mage, Samurai, Scholar, Summoner, Warrior, or White Mage. This is a mandatory purchase, as you can’t take advantage of the other Tales of Adventure purchases that let you skip the story without your character hitting level 50 (or higher) as a Disciple of War or Magic.

So if you’re keeping track, the game, expansion, and paying to get one job to level 70 will be $84.98.

From there, you have to catch up with the story. This involves another Tales of Adventure purchase. It’s subsequently more expensive, due to possibly being four purchases.

The price changes depending on how much you want to skip. The first one is Tales of Adventure: A Realm Reborn. This is $11. It gets you through the base game’s story, gives you items to sell for 300,000 gil, and 10 Silver Chocobo Feathers to trade for gear. The Tales of Adventure: Heavensward is $18. That gets you through that expansion’s story, gives you 10 more Silver Chocobo Feathers, and means 30 more Allagan Platinum Pieces you can sell for 300,000 gil.

The third one is Tales of Adventure: Stormblood for $25. Once again, it lets you skip to the end of Stormblood and start Shadowbringers. It also gives you 10 extra Silver Chocobo’s Feathers and 50 Allagan Platinum Pieces to sell for 500,000 gil. If you know right away you want to immediately skip every expansion, this is the only one you need. It automatically passes over everything up until Shadowbringers. However, it does require you to be a level 70 Disciple of War or Magic.

If you want to skip Shadowbringers and get right to Endwalker, that will be $25. Tales of Adventure: Shadowbringers is out now. It skips the base game’s A Realm Reborn story and three previous expansions. Just like the previous Tales of Adventure, it gives you 10 extra Silver Chocobo’s Feathers and 50 Allagan Platinum Pieces to sell for 500,000 gil. It requires a level 80 Disciple of War or Magic. It also can’t be used if you beat “Death Unto Dawn” in Shadowbringers.

That means two potential running totals. If you aren’t sure if you want to skip every story right away and prefer to buy your way through the story one at a time, that could bring the total to $153.98. If you know you want to skip it all, then it is $109.98. It doesn’t factor in the cost for the eventual Tales of Adventure: Shadowbringers.

Final Fantasy XIV is available for the PS4, PS5, and PC. FFXIV Endwalker early access for pre-orders begins December 3, 2021, with it releasing for everyone on December 7, 2021. If someone wants to test it out before buying it, there is a Free Trial. (You can see what you can take advantage of in it at Icy Veins.)

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