Ten years later, the Dreamcast still has enthusiasts developing games for it. Here’s Fast Striker, a 2D bullet hell arcade shooter with emphasis on scoring originally developed for the Neo-Geo, developed by Germany-based NG:DEV.TEAM. The game has four game modes with varying difficulties and scoring systems.


The development team claim Fast Striker is the most advanced Neo-Geo game ever, and that it has “4 times more bullets and enemies on screen” than every Neo-Geo game before it. Fast Striker 1.5, which is the Dreamcast version, is due for release on December 21st in regular and limited editions, and includes an online ranking system.


It also supports the Dreamcast VMU and Arcade Stick. The limited edition of the game comes with the soundtrack, spanning 54 minutes of music. You can read up on Fast Striker 1.5 further at the game’s official site. The video above is for the game’s “Omake” mode, which is the hardest difficulty setting.


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