The Eminence in Shadow Master of Garden Global Launched

Eminence in Shadow master of garden

Crunchyroll Games announced a game adaptation of novel and anime series The Eminence in Shadow (a.k.a. Kage no Jitsuryokusha ni Naritakute!) launched. Formally titled The Eminence in Shadow Master of Garden, the game is available to download on iOS and Android devices.

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Check out the game’s launch trailer below.

The Eminence in Shadow Master of Garden is based on the anime and novel series created by author Daisuke Aizawa. The story begins with a young man living in modern-day Japan having an ambition to become as strong as possible. His desire for strength comes not from wanting attention, but to be a power that blends in with the crowd and operates from the shadows. Those ambitions are cut short when he’s run over by a truck. Fortunately, though, he is reincarnated into a magical world as Cid Kagenou, scion of a noble family. From there he takes on a pseudonym, “Shadow,” and lives out his fantasies by founding Shadow Garden, a group dedicated to fighting a sinister cult that he also thought up himself. Or so he thought. The cult he thought was a mere roleplay gambit turns out to be real, and before long, Cid must become a true shadowy mastermind and fight back against the darkness of a new world.

The game is a free-to-play mobile RPG supported by gacha elements. Players will engage in the story adapted from The Eminence in Shadow anime and novels, and encounter characters from throughout the series. Combat takes place on a side-scrolling plane, with flashy animations for special attacks, as well.

Players who join the game during the launch period will receive a bonus of 4,000 Phantasm Gems (premium currency) thanks to the pre-registration campaign. Beginner objectives and early game missions will also net new players a free SS-rarity Rose character, free rolls on the gacha, and more Phantasm Gems.

The Eminence in Shadow Master of Garden is available on iOS and Android, except in East Asia, Belgium, and the Netherlands. A PC version is planned for later release. The anime series premiered during the Fall 2022 anime season, and streams on HIDIVE in North America. The novels are published in English by Yen Press.

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