The Evil Spreads In Dark Fantasy Hack ‘N’ Slasher Children Of Morta



Dead Mage has released a new story trailer for its upcoming dark fantasy hack ‘n’ slasher Children of Morta.


The trailer gives insight into the back story of the game, specifically how the evil that spreads across Morta came about in the first place. Turns out that it required a ghoulish sacrifice.


Then it focuses on the Bergsons Family, the guardians of Mount Morta, as they have to rally together to fight off all the demonic monsters that invade their homeland.


The game has you playing as the family members, each of which have their own fighting style, ranging from close combat sword work and long-range bow and arrow play.


The trailer also reveals that Dead Mage plans on putting Children of Morta up on Kickstarter on January 20th 2015.

Chris Priestman