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The Final Fantasy XV Demo Is Selling For Half The Price Of Final Fantasy Type-0 HD



Surprisingly, people are selling their Final Fantasy XV demo codes for about half the price they would have paid for Final Fantasy Type-0 HD, with which the demo is bundled.


As you can see on the eBay listings, the demo is fetching prices of up to $36, with the cheapest price being about $20. Taking a sample of 36 of these eBay listings, the mean average of the Final Fantasy XV’s demo price is $29.40, with the median average being a firm $30.


The Day One Digital Edition of Final Fantasy Type-0 HD on PlayStation 4 and Xbox One is selling at the full price of $59.99. So, the people who bought that to get the Final Fantasy XV demo are easily getting half their money back by selling it on.


Of course, if they’re honest (and not scamming people by selling a defunct demo code), then these people are missing out on playing the demo themselves.

Chris Priestman