The First Majin Tensei On SNES Gets Fan Translated Into English


majin tensei snes 1

The original Majin Tensei on SNES, which spawned the entire subseries of the Megami Tensei franchise, has been fan translated by DDSTranslation, completing the list of fan translations for every Megami Tensei game to release on the SNES.


In Majin Tensei, battles take place in a top-down strategy style compared to the usual RPGs. Apart from fighting, the series’ demon recruitment and demon fusion is present and accounted for. Gameplay takes place in chapters that consist of battles each, and player choices will affect which story and ending you get.


Check out some screenshots below:

majin tensei snes 2 majin tensei snes 3

majin tensei snes 4 majin tensei snes 5

You can find a link to the translation patch here.


Majin Tensei was released on SNES.

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