The First Slam Dunk Opening Weekend Made Over 1 Billion Yen

the first slam dunk

According to Cinema Today, The First Slam Dunk has made close to 1.3 billion yen in its first two days in theaters. This would be around $9.7 million. In addition, around 847,000 people watched the movie between December 3 to 4, 2022. [Thanks, Cinema Today!]

The movie is #1 on the Top Most-Attended Movies in Japan ranking from December 3 to 4, 2022. In second place is Suzume no Tojimari, which has been in theaters since November 11, 2022. Tsuki no Michikake, which also just aired, is in third place. While Toei did not release much information on the plot prior to the movie’s release, The First Slam Dunk follows Shohoku’s match against Sannoh High during the second round of the Interhigh. It also adapts Pierce, which is a one-shot that focuses on Miyagi’s past.

You can watch the trailer for The First Slam Dunk here:

Slam Dunk is a retro classic manga and anime series that originally ran from 1990 to 1996. It follows Hanamichi Sakuragi, a delinquent who is very unpopular with girls. He falls in love with Haruko Akagi, who reacts favorably to him, and he joins the Shohoku High School basketball team at her suggestion. Though he started playing basketball in an attempt to get with Haruko, Hanamichi eventually comes to genuinely love the sport.

The movie features a new cast of voice actors. For example, Subaru Kimura (Todo in Jujutsu Kaisen) now voices Hanamichi instead of Takeshi Kusao. As well, it uses 3D CGI animation instead of traditional hand-drawn art that the show did. It is unclear when and if The First Slam Dunk will arrive in overseas theaters.

The First Slam Dunk is airing in theaters in Japan.

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