The Future Of Yandere Simulator Involves Falcon Punches


The creator of Yandere Simulator doesn’t have a new build of the game with the latest update on the game’s progress but he has revealed some of what’s on the way.


It includes a martial arts club where Yandere-chan will learn how to fight by following the commands of her instructor. Also on show is a tool shed that houses a number of very nasty-looking weapons and other useful items.


Another upcoming feature is people in the school finding out that Yandere-chan has killed someone and telling as many people as possible (unless they meet their own grisly end).


Updates to a female character that it has been speculated is Phantom Girl were also teased in this video as well as the return of being able to dismember bodies.


Oh, and Yandere-chan will be able to turn into Captain Falcon and deliver a “YANDERE PUNCH!”, it seems.

Chris Priestman