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The Future You’ve Been Dreaming Of Debuts on Switch in May

The Future You've Been Dreaming Of

Qureate has created The Future You’ve Been Dreaming Of. Rather than a potential life path for customers, that’s the title of a new game. It’s coming out on the Nintendo Switch eShop on May 19, 2022. The game supports Japanese, English, and Chinese (Simplified and Traditional) language options.

Check out the game’s debut trailer.

The Future You’ve Been Dreaming Of is a life simulator. Players take on the role of a Zashiki-Warashi, a type of supernatural creature from Japanese folklore. Zashiki-Warashi are mischievous but benevolent youkai that haunt the inner rooms of residences. They’re similar to the poltergeist of western myth. Though prone to performing pranks and other tricks, Zashiki-Warashi are said to bring good fortune to those they share a house with, provided the residents respect them.

As a Zashiki-Warashi, the player shares an apartment with an unlucky college student, Sachi Usui. Sachi is voiced by Yuuki Takada, who also played Elma in Miss Kobayashi’s Dragon Maid, Aisha Greyrat in Mushoku Tensei: Jobless Reincarnation, and Yoshino Yorita in The Idolmaster Cinderella Girls. Players are invisible to Sachi but able to affect her surroundings and life. They’ll do so by drawing Sachi’s attention to various objects or activities that may help her achieve prosperity and find a bright future. The trailer shows off activities like encouraging Sachi to get exercise, cook healthy food, or groom herself. Sachi can also be influenced to dress up in various outfits. Players can steer Sachi’s life onto as many as twenty distinct paths depending on their day-to-day actions.

If you’re a Nintendo Switch owner, you can obtain The Future You’ve Been Dreaming Of on May 19, 2022. Other games by Qureate include romance titles like Fantasy Tavern Sextet and IdolDays, and thrillers like Livestream: Escape from Hotel Izanami.

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