The Gaming Industry Wishes You A Happy New Year For 2020!


The New Year is upon us, and while it’s still the national holiday period in Japan, many gaming companies have lined up New Year’s greetings to celebrate this time of year.

We’ve rounded up several of them below, so check them out!

Nintendo of America

Nintendo AU/NZ

“Hope your 2020 is smashing!”



“How is everyone doing? There are likely those taking a relaxing break, and those still living a busy life. It seems that Grizzco is recruiting for part-time work even this early on New Year’s Day. If you would be so kind, why not join in the first haul of the new year? Please look after us this year as well.”

Fire Emblem

“Greetings, and Happy New Year. Thanks for always playing the Fire Emblem series. We hope that 2020 will also be a joyous year for everyone. Look forward to Fire Emblem this year as well.”


Animal Crossing



“We will continue to progress on in order to bring everyone new titles that you can enjoy. Please look after us in the coming year as well.”

Sega Group

“This year is the 60th anniversary of the founding of Sega. Please look after Sega Group in 2020 as well.”

Sonic the Hedgehog (JP, EN)

Ryu ga Gotoku Studio

“What a decade it’s been for the western RGG Studio community, and it couldn’t be done without you. Here’s to an exciting 2020!”


“The NEOGEO brand reaches its 30th anniversary this year.”

Bukkoro/Yoko Taro

“Happy New Year.”


Babylon’s Fall

Momotaro Dentetsu/Akira Sakuma

“Ready to open in the 2nd year of the Reiwa era. Please look after us this year.”

Love Plus Every

Gust & Atelier series

Dynasty Warriors

“On this special year, the Dynasty Warriors series reaches its 20th anniversary. Last year we weren’t able to deliver any new info, but as part of the 20th anniversary plans, we’re preparing to announce new game information. Let’s fire up and enjoy the many projects for the Dynasty Warriors series for the 20th anniversary!”

Monster Rancher

“In 2019, thanks to everyone, we were able to take the first step on the revival of Monster Rancher. Thank you so much. We hope you’ll continue supporting us in 2020 as well.”

Holly: “Happy New Year! Let’s get along this year too. I think Mr. Karnab should be here soon? I want to meet Colt, it’s been a while.”

Nioh 2


Groove Coaster

D3 Publisher

Inti Creates



Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles Remastered

“In 2020, we will present an amazing adventure to everyone waiting on the caravan. It will be a slight wait, so please prepare for adventure in the meantime!”

Arc System Works

“With the core values of Action, Revolution, and Challenge in mind, we’re developing Guilty Gear Strive with full intent of making this the Year of Guilty Gear!”


mumimumi/Mochi A Girl

Game Arts

“Happy New Year. Please look after us in 2020 as well.”

Nippon Ichi Software

“What does everyone plan on doing this year?”

Kadokawa Games


“It seems that Hashimoto-san and Iwasaki-sanare both working really hard.”


Studio HG


God Eater

“Happy New Year. The God Eater series reaches its 10th anniversary on February 4, 2020. Alongside our New Year’s greetings, we have a first look at the anniversary illustration!”

Dragalia Lost

“Happy New Year! Here’s an illustration from the Dragalia Lost art team to celebrate this once-a-year occasion!”

Granblue Fantasy

“Happy New Year. For our New Year’s greeting, we present you this stunning illustration! Look after Granblue Fantasy in 2020 as well! Don’t forget to listen to the New Year’s voices available beginning today until January 15 at 4:59am JST!”

Kojima Productions

“Happy New Year! Kojima Productions was able to release Death Stranding and mark our studio’s 4th anniversary last year. We really can’t thank you enough for your support! We will strive to continue bringing you the best in 2020.”

Alistair Wong
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