The Idolmaster Tours new location test version adds SideM male idol Teru Tendo
Image courtesy of Bandai Namco

The Idolmaster Tours New Location Test Will Add SideM Idols

Bandai Namco will launch a new location test version for The Idolmaster Tours, and it will add the male idols from The Idolmaster SideM to the arcade game’s roster. People in Japan will be able to check the new demo build starting from late June 2024.

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The first public demo version for The Idolmaster Tours published in 2023 did not feature the SideM idols in-game. However, Bandai Namco did distribute a card featuring Dramatic Stars that will be usable in the full game at the 2023 Amusement Expo. In the upcoming build, all three members of the group—Teru Tendo, Kaoru Sakuraba, and Tsubasa Kashiwagi—will be available for players to pick for their three-person units.

Including the SideM idols will, however, come with the caveat of a limited song lineup availability. In this location test version, only “Nando demo Waraou” will be available. The other two songs in the rhythm game’s demo build—”The Idolm@ster” and “Onegai Cinderella”—will only be selectable if the player forms an all-female unit.

The new location test version will appear first at Namco Ikebukuro on June 26-30, 2024. The Round1 arcade center located near the Yokohama Station’s West Exit will also host a demo session from June 28, 2024, to July 1, 2024. Bandai Namco will also bring the test to more arcade centers across Japan, but it will reveal the additional venues in due time.

The second location test version of The Idolmaster Tours will be available for a limited time from June 26, 2024. Bandai Namco will later release the full version in arcade centers across Japan.

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