Halloween has come to The King of Fighters All Star with a Halloween Special Costume Character Summon, Halloween Battle Card Summon, login event, and Yashiro’s Spooky Invitation. The login event and summons will last until November 6, 2019, while Yashiro’s event will end on November 11, 2019.


With the two new The King of Fighters All Star summon banners, people have a chance to pull a number of characters in costumes or special themed Battle Cards. The four characters that are the focus here are Halloween Angel, Halloween Kula, Halloween Mature, and Halloween Shermie. Angel is a mummy, Kula is a witch, Mature is also a witch, and Shermie is a vampire. The special cards are Awakening Blood, Glacier Ridge, MAX Shermie Carnival, and Survivors.


Should someone want Halloween Yashiro, they need to go through Halloween Yashiro’s Spooky Invitation. The reward for clearing this Event Dungeon is the five-star fighter and five-star Special Option Card. If you collect 200 souls from fighting Yashiro you’ll be able to get him as a fighter.


As for The King of Fighters All Star Halloween login event, it gives people plenty of ways to try and get Halloween fighters. The first four days gives Halloween Fighter Tokens for that summon banner, while the remaining three days give people Halloween Battle Card Tokens.


The King of Fighters: All Star is available on Android and Apple iOS devices.

Jenni Lada
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