The Kotobukiya Ludens Frame Arms Girl-Style Model Will Appear In February 2020




Back at Wonder Festival in February 2019, Hideo Kojima shared pictures of a new Kotobukiya figure inspired by the Kojima Productions Ludens mascot. Now, Kotobukiya has announced a launch date for the kit and shared figures of the various customization options that will be available. People will be able to pick up this Ludens model in February 2020. It will cost 6,800円 (~$63).


The Kotobukiya Ludens model is a kit along the lines of the company’s Frame Arms Girls or Megami Device figures. In fact, Katsuhiko Hori, the person who sculpted the Frame Arms Girls Gorai, Laetitia, and Hatsune Miku kits is responsible for this figure’s design. The Japanese page notes that it has 201 to 400 parts.


When completed, the Kotobukiya Ludens kit will create a Figma-like model with multiple points of articulation that is compatible with other characters’ accessories, armor pieces, and parts. It will be 170mm tall when finished. Three different faces, two flags, a skull mask, 10 wrist parts, and a backpack will be included.


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The Kotobukiya Ludens Frame Arms Girl-style kit will appear in February 2020.

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