The Leading Lady Of Fairy Fencer F Graces This Trailer With Her Presence

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Compile Heart has shared a video introducing Tiara, the heroine of their upcoming RPG, Fairy Fencer F. Just like Fang, Tiara is a Fencer who can wield ancient weapons called Furies. She is a refined lady with a gentle, slightly masochistic personality. She is collecting Furies in order to revive the goddess, and she likes being verbally abused by Fang.


In this trailer, we hear her say lines such as "Dear traveler, you must be tired. I have just prepared some chamomile tea. If you will allow me the pleasure, let us drink together", "I will allow you two to become my manservants. What do you say? Brilliant, is it not? You are delighted, are you not?" and "It’s meaningless to press your breasts together to make them look bigger. More importantly, stop touching me!"


Just like the other Fencers, Tiara can transform through an ability called Fairize. Fairy Fencer F will be released for the PlayStation 3 on October 10.

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