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The Legend of Heroes: Hajimari no Kiseki Will Bring Back More Cold Steel Characters


Falcom released information on newly-revealed returning characters in The Legend of Heroes: Hajimari no Kiseki. This included much of the Trails of Cold Steel series’ cast. There will also be a quiz minigame that you can unlock via the True Reverie Corridor. [Thanks, 4Gamer!]

Editor’s Note: There will be The Legend of Heroes series and Trails of Cold Steel series spoilers below.

Alisa Reinford (CV: Yui Horie)

Alisa is the heiress of the Reinford Group, a corporation in the Erebonian Empire responsible for making weapons, vehicles, and heavy artillery, and a member of the old Class VII. During the Great Twilight, she was on the opposite side of her mother and her maid, Sharon, but they eventually reunited and she miraculously managed meet her father, Franz, who she thought was dead.

Nowadays, Alisa works as the fourth development chief of the RF Group, is helping dismantle Tangram Fortress, and assists Crossbell with its efforts to re-declare its independence. She’s a close friend of Elie, from the Special Support Section.

Laura S. Arseid (CV: Mariya Ise)

Laura is one of the old Class VII members and the daughter of the Arseid family. She mastered all the secret arts of the family’s school of swordfighting by the age of 19.

After becoming the acting master of the Arseid school, she continued her training by traveling to other dojos across the Empire, though she sometimes came back to aid Rean and the new Class VII. During the Great Twilight, she faced off against her father, who was affected by a curse, and became the successor of the Arseid style.

Even now, she continues to hone her skills as an honorable swordswoman.

Elliot Craig (CV: Ryoko Shiraishi)

Elliot is a genius musician who is a member of the old Class VII and is the eldest son of the famed Empire general Craig the Red. After becoming a professional musician, he searched for a way to bring about peace with the power of music, all while supporting the new Class VII.

Elliot has returned to playing music to cheer up people across the Empire. Starting this year, he is also a temporary music professor at the St. Astraia Girls’ School and has become the center of attention, due to his status as a talented, new, young professor.

Jusis Albarea (CV: Shinnosuke Tachibana)

The second son of Duke Albarea, head of one of the Four Great Houses, and the acting lord of the Empire’s Kreuzen Province. After graduating from Thors Military Academy, he decided to become the acting lord to support its citizens, taking over from his father and brother. During the Great Twilight crisis, he was finally able to settle things with his brother.

In Hajimari no Kiseki he is working with other nobles across the land to determine the path that the Empire should take. During all this, he becomes involved in a certain incident in the Empire while helping Rean out…

Machias Regnitz (CV: Takuya Sato)

Machias is the son of Heimdallr governor Carl Regnitz and a serious and talented investigator.

After his experiences at Thors Military Academy, as well as the civil war within the Empire, he studied at the Heimdallr political academy and chose to work at the Government Accountability Inspectorate. While he had to face against his father during the Great Twilight crisis at one point, he stuck to his guns as an enforcer of the law and followed his own personal sense of justice.

After the crisis, he was sent to Crossbell, as the state was planning to become independent once more. While fulfilling his duties, he’s become quite familiar with the people in the area.

Elise Schwarzer (CV: Saori Goto)

Elise is the oldest daughter of the Schwarzer family, the student council president at St. Astraia Girls’ School, and Rean’s foster sister.

She became fast best friends with Princess Alfin at the academy. To this day, she still looks up strongly to Rean, even more than her actual blood-related brother. In Hajimari no Kiseki, we see her learning swordsmanship at the Vander dojo from Aurier Vander herself, in order to not dishonor Rean’s name as the Ashen Chevalier.

Alfin Reise Arnor (CV: Satomi Sato)

Alfin is the daughter of Eugent III and is an Erebonian princess who loves pranking others. She’s a close friend of Elise, whom she studies with at the St. Astraia Girls’ School. Through Elise, she became interested in the old Class VII. She also grew as a person during the Erebonian civil war and the Great Twilight crisis. She’s currently concerned with the disappearance of her twin brother Cedric and has decided to face both political opposition and the citizens head-on as a princess.

Apart from these characters, we got a look at a new mini-game, and two new side stories that can be unlocked via the Reverie Corridor:

Mini-game: Kiseki de Pon! Beryl Chapter

Hajimari no Kiseki will bring back the quiz game that was once hosted by Enforcer No. 0 of Ouroboros. This time, the game will be run by the Thors Military Academy alumna Beryl, a mysterious fortune teller who has traveled across all of Zemuria. She’ll be asking questions all about the series’ world, which will involve common knowledge about the games, nation-specific questions, and details about families and locations. What will you get if you manage to answer all of her questions?

Side Episode: The Girls’ School Case Files

After the crisis was averted, lessons began once more at the St. Astraia Girls’ School, but the school’s peace was disturbed by a strange rumor.

There has been Fainting Incidents. Several schoolgirls suddenly collapsed without any prior warning and laid in comas for around half a day. Six students have already fallen victim to the affliction. In order to find out the truth, the new Class VII is sent in to help with investigations at the behest of student council president Elise.

While we see Juna and Musse dressing as students in order to investigate, who is this mysterious beauty with them?

Side Episode: The Stone of Fortune and Ship of Misfortune

Jingo the shopkeeper is worried. While she was able to open and expand her Neinvalli branch store in the Empire, she needed to gain more of a foothold in the market. However, she didn’t have enough money on hand. Jingo continued to work with dampened spirits until one day, her dog Cerberus found a mysteriously-shaped stone.

“What a weird stone…”

For some reason, her shop would be visited by several eccentric customers over the next few days…

The Legend of Heroes: Hajimari no Kiseki will be released for the PlayStation 4 in Japan and Asia on August 27, 2020. Previously, even more returning characters were revealed.

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