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The Legend of Heroes: Hajimari no Kiseki Will Eventually Let You See Characters in VR

Hajimari no Kiseki

On May 27, 2020, Falcom president Toshihiro Kondo announced on livestream that The Legend of Heroes: Hajimari no Kiseki will include support for PlayStation VR in an additional mode that lets you talk to the characters. The game will also receive a simultaneous release in Asia.

The VR mode will be added post-launch in an update. The news was broken by Juna Crawford voice actress Nao Toyama, who appeared on livestream to talk about her character and congratulate Asian viewers on the announcement of the simultaneous release of Hajimari no Kiseki in Traditional Chinese and Korean.

More information on this new feature will be announced later on, but essentially this option will be accessible after a certain point in the story. You’ll be able to choose to talk to certain characters, including Elie MacDowell and Towa Herschel. According to Kondo, this was one of the things the Falcom team wanted to challenge themselves on making for the title. Kondo also said that you’ll be able to see a different side to existing characters in the VR mode and it will feature a lot of additional voiced dialogue.

Additionally, a few returning characters from the Crossbell saga were also shown off during the livestream.

It was also announced that the Asian versions of the game will also have their own Platinum Meister Box special editions, which will include the same content as the Japanese version. Finally, Asian region PlayStation players who have bought Zero no Kiseki and Ao no Kiseki will have a chance to join a lucky draw, with 150 winners getting the chance to try out Hajimari no Kiseki early.

The Legend of Heroes: Hajimari no Kiseki will release for the PlayStation 4 in Japan and Asia on August 27, 2020. You can check out screenshots of Arios, Rixia, Ilya, Zeit, Matteus, Aurier, and Dr. Novartis in our previous post here.

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