The Legend of Legacy’s Eloise Is Quite A Character

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The Legend of Legacy is like a SaGa game, in that there’s a large cast of heroes and heroines to choose from for your main avatar. Eventually all characters join your party, no matter who you choose as your point person, but the one that you follow is the one that gets the most face time. The other initial allies get a bit of extra dialogue as well, but it feels like everyone who joins after ends up being "optional." Their stories, their tales don’t matter.


But I didn’t come here to get you all depressed about how the people you don’t pick as your person of interest in The Legend of Legacy won’t enjoy the same sort of fame in the game. Rather, I’m here to tell you what you can expect to learn about the one that you do choose. So with that, I’d like to talk a little about Eloise.


I went with Eloise as my heroine for a number of reasons. For starters, she’s cute. I mean, all of the characters are adorable in their own way. Filmia, the frog, is great, but I was worried about having him as my main character because he may have been gimmicky. Bianca is also precious, but I wasn’t up for yet another amnesiac avatar. Then there was Eloise. She seemed like an antihero, because The Legend of Legacy set her up as some sort of selfish woman searching for the Star Graal in the hopes of using it to acquire immortality. Morally dubious people can be interesting sometimes, and I chose her in the hopes of interesting dialogue and potential character growth.


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Well, I wasn’t disappointed when it came to the amusing part. Eloise’s story begins with her working in disguise at a bar on Avalon. She’s dressed up as an old, overweight woman and faking an accent, all in an attempt to learn more about the Star Graal before going after it for herself. Owen and Liber happen to be at the establishment, and Owen sees through her front. Deciding that the two are strong enough to act as her partners, she reveals her true self and the three form a party to explore the island in search of treasures.


Eloise has quite the personality. She peppers her dialogue with heart icons. Many of her quotes come across as self serving or selfish. In short, she comes across as a gimmick character, like Filmia, but also is rather amusing. I get the sense that there’s more to her than FuRyu initially shows and am optimistic about character development.


Even more important, Eloise has turned out to be a perfect all-around heroine. When I play a game, I like my main character to be versatile. It’s comforting to know the one I’d likely need around all the time would be capable of dealing decent damage, healing the party, and even working magic when needed. Eloise is perfect for this role. Even though she’s more of a mage character, she works well with staves and claws in my game. She has affinities for all elements as well, which means I can have her assigned to whichever magic I feel would be most beneficial at the time.


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Though, as I mentioned earlier, The Legend of Legacy is a game where any character can eventually be molded into what you want them to be. Just for my purposes, I appreciated that Eloise seemed ready-made to fit my particular needs.


Especially since her complimentary party worked out so well. I’m so-so on Liber, and often replace him with Filmia, but find Owen to be as essential as Eloise due to his tanking affinity.


But perhaps what I appreciate most about Eloise is her sass. The Legend of Legacy is a game that focuses more on the act of dungeon crawling and adventuring than telling a story, likely due to the number of characters fulfilling roles in the game. There are asides from time to time, especially when characters choose to escape from battle, and Eloise seems to have a knack for saying things that are both realistic and amusing.


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Eloise is not the nicest character in The Legend of Legacy, but she’s a great ally to have around. If you get the game when it comes to the Nintendo 3DS on October 13, she could prove to be a very valuable ally.

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