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The New Kemco RPG’s Lead Heroine Is a Wall

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The next Kemco RPG to head to the Xbox One and PC has been revealed, and it seems like it has some really strong structures in place. Miden Tower will head to both platforms, following its mobile debut, on April 30, 2020. Get ready to build up some bonds, literally, as its lead heroine is literally a wall.

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In Miden Tower, one of the characters players will meet is Leila. She’s a Magika and dubbed a “Wall Maiden.” This means that part of the time, she’ll be an anthropomorphic wall with eyes, a mouth, arms, and legs. She exists because the lead character, Valen, summons her to save his life.

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The official page for the latest Kemco RPG shows what life is like for Leila as a wall. In battles, she can protect players and summon little baby walls, called Brickettes, as allies. If you equip her with new bricks, she’ll gain new abilities and skills. There will also be times when she can merge with walls in other buildings to spy and advance the plot. A screenshot shows her blending in seamlessly, with only her eyes giving her location away.

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Here’s, well, a screenshot showing how you actually manage to equip a character who is a wall in a game. The two bricks shown here give her the Impel and Twin Ray abilities, and you can see the range of these two spells when you equip them.

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Here’s a trailer for this Kemco RPG. As you can see in multiple gameplay clips, Leila is really, 100%, totally a wall. (Oh, and there are other, normal characters too.)

Other recent Kemco RPGs include Monster Viator, which draws inspiration from Dragon Quest Monsters sorts of games, and Frane: Dragon’s Odyssey.

Miden Tower will come to the Xbox One and PC on April 30, 2020 for $14.99. It is immediately available on Android and Apple iOS devices for $7.99.

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