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The Next Bravely Game Might Be A Completely New Title



Bravely series producer Tomoya Asano recently revealed that he already has ideas for a Bravely Third, but he has now mentioned in an interview with Gamer that the next title might not necessarily be a sequel to Bravely Default and Bravely Second.


During the interview, Asano answered a few questions that some fans have been wondering about. When asked about whether Bravely Second will get any additional scenarios via DLC, he said that they have plans for patches, but the team hasn’t thought of anything as far as additional story content goes.


Bravely Default received an enhanced version in Japan titled Bravely Default: For the Sequel, which ended up being the version we got in the West, after Square Enix made several fixes and additions to the game. According to Asano, they have no plans for a For the Sequel version for Bravely Second, or anything of the sort. He states that, at the moment, they’re only thinking about the Western version of Bravely Second.


Next, Gamer asks if the Bravely developers could share a little more on what we can expect to see next from the series.


“Hmm… yes, we’re currently thinking about whether a sequel would be more appropriate or if a completely new title would be more appropriate,” Asano replies. “This is currently a hot topic among [the development team].”


“We’re thinking about all kinds of things, like what kind of things are requested, and getting feedback from fans,” added assistant producer Shinji Takahashi.

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