The Next Game From The Risk Of Rain Creators Has Horrific Toilet Deaths

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Imagine it, you’re sat happily on the toilet, doing your business. You couldn’t be more comfortable. Then, you hear a rattling coming from the bowl beneath your butt. What was that? SPLAT! You didn’t see it coming. The grim reaper popped out of the toilet and splatted you as a red mess across the wall. Death by toilet.


This is something you can actually do in Deadbolt, which is to be the next game by the people that created 2D action-roguelike Risk of Rain. Seriously, you can see the toilet death here.


The idea is that the job of a grim reaper has got harder in the modern day with locks to break through and the invention of guns. And so, reapers have dropped their classic hooded look, in favor of breaking into homes to brutally murder their targets with guns and anything else to hand.



As such, Deadbolt is a side-scrolling twitch shooter in which you have to break into homes and blast zombies, vampires, and other monstrous foe in gory displays. To survive, you’ll need to duck behind cover, as well as scavenge ammo and weapons from the bodies of those you’ve killed.


You also need to take into account how each different monster type has to be killed. Zombies (realized as street gangs) can be shot, but there are some that can continue on after losing their head, while vampires (realized as night club owners) have be impaled with a melee weapon. Other enemy types are yet to be revealed.


You can play an early alpha demo of Deadbolt by downloading it from This is only a month’s work so give it some leeway. You can also follow the development of Deadbolt on TIGSource.

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