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The Next Legend Of Heroes Game Will Have Some Flashy Special Attacks


In our earlier report, we covered the main characters and the type of attacks they’ll be specializing in for The Legend of Heroes: Trails in the Flash. That said, we all know what makes RPG fights more exciting are the flashy special attacks. Falcom’s latest update introduces us to the skill system known as Crafts.


When a character reaches certain levels, they’ll learn special attacks called “Crafts” that are unique to each character. They will come in different varieties such as ranged attacks and abnormal status attacks. Some Crafts will also be used to support your party with heals and buffs.


Crafts can be performed by using CP, which are gained by hitting enemies and taking damage. The Crafts will vary in cost and effects for each character.


Here’s a look at Rean’s “Autumn Leaf Slash”. Rean pulls off the attack by keeping his sword sheathed and running full speed towards his target for a powerful slash attack. It has an effect that delays the target’s turn.


For those of you who’ve been wondering whether Sara is a playable character, here she is doing her “Narukami” Craft. However, it hasn’t been revealed whether she’ll actually be a regular member or not. She starts the Craft by shooting multiple targets, followed by a lightning strike landing on each of them. It seems to have a high chance of disabling enemies from using their skills.


As previously mentioned, there are several Crafts that are used for support, here’s a look at a good example in Eliot’s Craft, “Echo’s Beat”. By using a sound wave effect, it raises the defense of all party members in range, and also gradually recovers HP.


In addition to the Craft, there are even more powerful versions of these skills called S Crafts. These will cost over 100 CP to pull off, but will be much more powerful. They can be used at any time by pressing the triangle button and a directional while having a character selected. These moves will be best used as last resort measures or a way of getting yourself out of a pinch.


Here’s Rean’s S Craft, “Sword of Flame”. This Hachi yō ittō-ryū style attack engulfs the sword with scorching fire, followed by a flaming slash that can hit a group of enemies.


Laura’s “Ougi Koharanbu” S Craft is a special skill passed down the Arseid family. A blinding aura wraps around her sword, followed by a rush and heavy slash.


Emma’s S Craft, “Road Alberion” is a powerful magic spell that summons several towers from the ground. A powerful energy is collected at the center of the towers and creates a destructive explosion on the battlefield.


The Legend of Heroes: Trails in the Flash comes out in Japan on September 26 for PlayStation 3 and PlayStation Vita.

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