The Original 1992 Romancing SaGa Has Been Translated Into English At Long Last



The folks over at DDS Translations have now finished the full translation of Square’s 1992 JRPG Romancing SaGa. You can download the English translation patch here but you’ll need a legally obtained Romancing SaGa Super Famicom ROM file to run it on your flash cartridge or emulator.


You may be familiar with Romancing SaGa already has it was remade for the PlayStation 2 in 2005 with much of the unfinished and dropped content of the SNES version replaced or expanded upon. However, as Retro Collect notes, the original 16-bit version of the game was voted as one of Famitsu’s top 100 games of all time. Now you can find out why.



Romancing SaGa takes place in the world of Marius, which was once a place where ancient gods warred with each other, and where the ultimate god of evil, Saruin, was sealed away by the power of 10 gemstones. The game starts years later as the world’s various countries deal with their own conflicts but, more worryingly, Saruin is soon to make a return and threatens to end all human life.


You can play as one of eight main characters that each with their own personal storyline and ending. Combat is turn-based with some tactical considerations to be found in party formation and advancing weapon techniques. Exploration is top-down and as you progress you’ll see locations change over time and new ones emerge.

Chris Priestman