Summoning1Details about how Dark Souls utilizes online play just trickled out of Dengeki PlayStation. From Software’s game does something different than Demon’s Souls since it starts offline.


While you’re exploring the world, your character will have opportunities to make pacts with people, presumably non player characters, and other things. These pacts are not like joining a guild or a team in a MMORPG. You will make multiple pacts in Dark Souls and these guide how you roleplay with your character. Players will naturally find pacts in the game, although some pacts are rare and difficult to find.


Pacts have an effect when you play online. Since you have to decide whether to support or not support a side certain players will be friends and others foes. Even though player choice is a key part of Dark Souls, the game does not have a deep story. You play as an immortal, a fitting character type since the producer emphasized there is no safe zone in Dark Souls, who has left society on his or her own accord.


Because the team wants players to rejoice when they find healing items, recovery items will be carefully placed in the world. Instead of searching for precious herbs, you can create recovery items by using the bonfire system. This should help beginners ease their way into Dark Souls, which is designed to be a very difficult game.


Since the team wants players to discover elements in the game on their own they have been very cautious about releasing new information. Roughly, 1/5 of the total information the team plans on divulging has been released to the press. Dark Souls is nearing completion and while there is a lot of pressure to live up to fan expectations, the team is excited about creating the game.


Dark Souls is slated for a holiday release in North America on PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360 from Namco Bandai.

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