The Persona 5 Kasumi Figure From Kotobukiya Will Launch in November 2020

Persona 5 Kasumi figure 1 kotobukiya persona figure

Another Kotobukiya Persona figure is on the way. This time, it’s a Persona 5 Kasumi figure that is a part of the ARTFX J line. Pre-orders for the 17,380円 (~$161) figure are open through the company until July 28, 2020, and it has an expected November 2020 release window.

This isn’t the first time we’ve seen this ARTFX J figurine. It first showed up at WonFes 2020 Winter. However, at that time she was only an unpainted prototype. Kotobukiya displayed her alongside her counterpart, an ARTFX J Joker.

As for this Persona 5 Kasumi figure, she’s holding a rhythmic gymnastics ribbon, wearing her Violet attire, and leaping off of a platform with roses growing on it. She is holding her mask in her left hand and her rapier is in her scabbard.

Here’s a full gallery looking at the figure from different angles.

persona 5 kasumi figure

There is also a pre-order promotion in effect, should people go directly through Kotobukiya for this version of Kasumi. While supplies last, people will get a replica of her Violet mask for her to wear and an additional hand to replace the one that normally wears her mask in the standard pose. An additional image shared shows how she looks with the mask on.

Persona 5 Royal is available for the PlayStation 4. This Persona 5 Kasumi figure should show up sometime in November 2020.

Jenni Lada
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