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The Pokemon Sword And Shield Mysterious Glitched Pokemon May Be Revealed On September 18, 2019


    pokemon sword and shield mystery pokemon


    Last week, a suspicious entry for a Pokemon appeared on the Pokemon Sword and Shield website. Quite a bit of data was obscured, and even its cry was unusual. Now, it seems we could be on the verge of discovering its identity. The official Twitter account confirmed that it is working on fixing the “technical issue.” In addition, Serebii noted that a reveal will arrive at 6am PT/8am ET/1pm UTC on September 18, 2019.


    As a refresher, the English and Japanese webpages for the new Pokemon are both online, but they are corrupted. Each mangles its image, which makes it look like some sort of a knight holding a spear. It is a fighting type with the Steadfast ability and, in Japanese, “Naito” is a part of the character’s name.


    As some early Pokemon Sword and Shield leaks suggested Farfetch’d would be getting a regional evolution, some think this could be it. Especially since the English version of the site noted, “When this Pokemon’s ____ ____ers, it will retire from combat.” It could be referring to the character’s leek.


    Pokemon Sword and Shield will be available on the Nintendo Switch on November 15, 2019.

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