The Positives Of Stella Glow’s New Game Plus

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If all has been going well, you should be pretty far along in Stella Glow by now. It’s a massive game, but with the holiday weekend approaching, you might just find yourself completing Alto and the witches’ tale. Which will leave you wondering what’s next.


Well, replaying Stella Glow isn’t a bad idea. Think of a second playthrough as the “true” one. It’s then that a lot of little things add up to result in a better experience. The start of which is, your wealth from your first run carries over to the next to act as a tidy nest egg. Not that money is ever really a problem in this game. I found it easy to keep my favorite characters well equipped. But for those who were concerned, you’ll start off in a better financial situation the second time around.


You also won’t have to prioritize certain characters. In Stella Glow, there are two endings and a character-specific epilogue for each person Alto can get to know during Free Time events. However, in the first run there is only time for three events during each Free Time session. In a New Game Plus run, there’s time for nine events each session, making it easier to max out affection with every character, tune every witch, and even have time to occasionally search for the randomly acquired, character-specific accessories.




Level grinding is easier in a New Game Plus Stella Glow run too. In the first playthrough, experience earned from fighting and defeating enemies below a character’s level is reduced. After the first playthrough, it isn’t. That means less grinding to get characters up to a decent level to tackle any challenge. Which also means it’s easier to keep everyone at about the same level than it was the first time through. Archibald doesn’t have to be benched immediately, thanks to this bonus.


All of this also means you’ll probably earn the Stella Glow’s true ending the second time around, whether you intend to or not. Part of it involves befriending Klaus as soon as possible, which happens rather naturally when you have time for nine events during every Free Time. Toward the end, a question will be asked during one of the battles that results in the storyline diverging and the real ending being unlocked. After which, you’ll still have the choice as to which character-specific epilogue you see. (Don’t forget to save before so you can see them all!)


Stella Glow is a really great game and hopefully you’ll consider giving it a second run so you see everything it has to offer. Especially since fully tuned witches get a wardrobe change!

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