The Quantum VR Treadmill Brings Some Immersive First-Person Walking


quantum vr treadmill

The concept of full movement VR equipment is not new, with products such as the Virtuix Omni already available. At G-Star 2017 a new VR device by Numix Media Works, the Quantum VR Treadmill, was on display and available for playtesting as well. [Thanks, 4gamer]


The Quantum VR Treadmill is quite large, and is expected to be used at amusement facilities rather than at home. For tracking, it uses the Vive Tracker, which comes with a back device and a pair of shoes, and can connect with Vive controllers, including gun controllers.


However, Quantum VR Treadmill differs itself through it’s different gimmicks, such as fans that blow air from the top of the contraption. The faster the person moves, the stronger the fans will blow.


quantum vr treadmill 2 quantum vr treadmill 3 quantum vr treadmill 5

Furthermore, the base of the device can tilt to simulate differently angled terrain and other effects within the game. As the Quantum VR Treadmill has a belt and support that goes around the the waist area, this can be done without the fear of tripping or falling.


Two demos were on display at G-Star 2017: An action game and a horror game. 4gamer notes that the horror game made full use of the moving base, as the player was forced to move into a dangerous elevator. The creature in pursuit attacked the floor of the elevator, causing the base of the device to shake with the right timing as well, adding to the tension.


Currently, there are three other games in development for the device, but the Quantum VR Treadmill does not currently have a release date.

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