The delayed PS2 to PSP port of The Red Star is almost complete. XS Games announced it will be released as a digital download this spring.


The Red Star, a game based off Christian Gossett’s graphic novel of the same name, was originally an Acclaim title. When the BMX XXX publisher went belly up XS Games picked up the rights to it and quietly released it as a budget PS2 game. If you missed it the first time, The Red Star is something like a mix of Smash TV and Ikaruga. XS Games says the PSP and iPhone versions have improved controls and “fresh visual polish”.


PSP Screenshots

The_Red_Star_PSP_screenshot_2 The_Red_Star_PSP_screenshot_3 The_Red_Star_PSP_screenshot_4 The_Red_Star_PSP_screenshot_1


iPhone Screenshots

The_Red_Star_iPhone_screenshot_1 The_Red_Star_iPhone_screenshot_2 The_Red_Star_iPhone_screenshot_3 The_Red_Star_iPhone_screenshot_4 The_Red_Star_iPhone_screenshot_5 The_Red_Star_iPhone_screenshot_8 The_Red_Star_iPhone_screenshot_9 The_Red_Star_iPhone_screenshot_10 The_Red_Star_iPhone_screenshot_11 The_Red_Star_iPhone_screenshot_12 The_Red_Star_iPhone_screenshot_6

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