The Rising of the Shield Hero Is Getting An RPG Maker MV Game On PC To Relive The Anime



Shield Hero is getting a game on PC via Steam in Japan called The Rising of Shield Hero: Relive the Animation. The RPG Maker MV-created game releases later this month by Kadokawa, and we got a first look.


The Japanese release will also come with English language support. Check out the trailer below:


The popular anime “Rise of the Brave of the Shield” based on Aneko Yusagi’s original appears in RPG !!
Not only can you experience the famous scenes in anime, but also a battle system that makes use of the characteristics of the protagonist specializing in protecting it, and you can perform commerce on the stage of the vast Merlot Marc as a game with a world view of “ the rise of the shield hero ” You can fully enjoy it.


Key Features

  • Authentic 2DRPG made with RPG Maker MV
    It is a full-fledged RPG that uses RPG Maker MV as an engine.
    The content will satisfy both RPG fans and anime fans.
  • Over 700 anime cuts! – Enliven the game with movement by characters drawn with dots and anime cuts exceeding 700 in total
  • A battle system that takes advantage of the world! – Employs a battle system that takes advantage of the actions of the shield hero, such as “warning” that lets you know the enemy’s aim, “capturing” the enemy that aims at you, and “covering” your friends from the enemy.
    Growth factors such as learning new skills by taking in the items you get in the shield! !
  • Journey through the vast Merlo Marc! – All the cities and villages that appeared in the anime appear in the game. You can travel through the vast Merlo Marc world.
    In this game, not only battles and conversation scenes, but also “travelers” system that can buy and sell items created based on items you get along the way, “fame value” that changes the reaction of the characters depending on the action of the player There are also elements that can handle the world of “the rise of the shield hero” such as the system! !





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The Rising of Shield Hero: Relive the Animation releases in Japan for PC via Steam in September 2019 for 2,980 yen.

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