The Rumble Fish Series Home Console Release Slated for Winter 2022

Rumble Fish Console Release

Japan-based publisher 3Goo announced that it will release The Rumble Fish fighting game series globally for home consoles in Winter 2022. This includes The Rumble Fish and its sequel, The Rumble Fish 2. Notably, this is the first time 2005’s arcade release of The Rumble Fish 2 will receive a home console port. Alongside the announcement, 3Goo also uploaded the story trailer for the game via YouTube. [Thanks, Famitsu!]

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The Rumble Fish is a 2D arcade fighting game that originally debuted in 2004. Known for its sleek character models that utilized Smooth Model Animation, the series has never been released outside of Japan. While Sega later ported the first game to the PlayStation 2 in 2005, the series hasn’t seen much activity since. Dimps, the game’s developer, acquired the rights to the game back in 2012.

It’s still unclear which platforms The Rumble Fish will be available on, as well as whether it will appear on PCs. As of writing, 3Goo has not stated whether there will be updates to the game’s net code or if it will have online multiplayer support. However, 3Goo has uploaded a 3-minute-long story trailer featuring the game’s protagonist Zen, Greed, and other characters.

You can check out The Rumble Fish story trailer below:

Developer Dimps is also known for developing other fighting games such as Dragon Ball Xenoverse 2 and Soul Calibur VI. Its latest release was Dragon Ball: The Breakers in 2020.

The Rumble Fish and The Rumble Fish 2 will release for home consoles worldwide sometime in Winter 2022. There is no confirmed platform, price, or release date. The Rumble Fish series is available to play in arcades in Japan, and The Rumble Fish is also available on PlayStation 2.

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