The Sega Genesis Just Got A New 16-Bit Visual Novel



WaterMelon Games, the studio that released Pier Solar HD last year, has published Sasha Darko’s horror-themed 16-bit visual novel Sacred Line Genesis for the Sega Genesis. Yes, the year is still 2015, I promise.


You can purchase it right now for $39 on Magical Game Factory (WaterMelon’s own game store) and international shipping is free. For that price, you get the game cartridge, a color instruction manual, a paper insert for a clamshell box, and “extra goodies.” It works with any PAL or NTSC Sega Genesis / Mega Drive.


Sacred Line Genesis has you playing as a private detective called Ellen who lives in eastern Europe. As her business isn’t doing well, Ellen decides to shut shop, but as she is about to close it down a mysterious phone call tells her to investigate a hidden forest outpost, so she does.


Of course, a nightmare awakens on Ellen from there one. The game has multiple endings to discover and plenty of secrets to find along the way.

Chris Priestman