The Silent Kingdom Otome RPG Kickstarter Hits Its Switch Stretch Goal

The Silent Kingdom Otome RPG Kickstarter Hits Its Switch Stretch Goal

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Another otome game is going to eventually head to the Switch, as The Silent Kingdom RPG hit a stretch goal for a port. It needed to raise €50,000 on Kickstarter to make that possible. It is now at over €51,000 (~$55,000). This means the indie Lucky Cat title will eventually show up on the system. There’s no guaranteed release date yet. However, the full release is tentatively set to appear on PCs via Steam and the eShop in 2024.

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In The Silent Kingdom, players follow Princess Erinys. Her kingdom is cursed, and it is up to her to potentially save it. However, what happens depends on the choices players make during the otome RPG. This also means an opportunity to romance companions.

Here’s a trailer, to help give people an idea of what this PC and Switch otome RPG will be like.

Ahead of the accomplishment, Lucky Cat released an estimated roadmap for The Silent Kingdom that anticipated the Switch stretch goal being hit. Here’s what people can expect to happen. This is an in-progress and tentative schedule, however. For example, the Early Access Beta Test and things after it will rely on RPG Maker Unite, which isn’t available yet, due to the upcoming remake of the full game in Unity.

  • July 2022: Small Steam Beta Test with 30-60 minutes of Chapter 1.
  • Late 2022/Early 2023: Early Access Steam Beta Test of Chapter 1.
  • Late 2022/Early 2023: Early Access Steam release of everything up to the end of Chapter 1 will come one month after the Early Access Steam Beta Test.
  • 2024: Steam and Switch full release.
  • 2024: The Gladiator extra romance option will appear “some months” after launch.

The Silent Kingdom is expected to come to the Nintendo Switch and PC in 2024. The Kickstarter will end on May 10, 2022. The minimum amount someone can contribute to get a copy of the game is €18 (~$20). A demo is available on and Steam.

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