The Siliconera RPG Maker VX Ace Project – Choose A Sidekick, Submit An NPC


It’s time for the next poll that decides another aspect of our Siliconera RPG! This time, we’d like readers to choose what kind of character will serve as the hero’s primary sidekick. Here are your choices:



Additionally, we’d also like readers to submit their own characters to be included as NPCs in the game! Creating a character with RPG Maker VX Ace is super easy, and only takes a few minutes.


How to create and submit your character:


1. Download the RPGMaker VX Ace Trial Version.

2. Make a New Project by selecting File -> New and name it whatever you want.

3. Click on the Character Generator button as seen on the top screen.



4. Create your character by making different combinations through the drop down boxes. You can also change the gender of the character through the tabs.


5. To export the character, click Output Face and Output Character and save them with your username and character name [ Example would be Siliconera-Archeia_Nessiah-MariaFace/Sprite].

6. Compress/Zip/Rar your character files. We recommend Winrar.


7. Once you are done e-mail us the compressed file and the the role of your character in the email [email protected].

Here’s an example of what should be in the e-mail:

Character Name: Maria

User Name: Archeia_Nessiah

Character NPC Personality: Drunkard. Wanders about, preaching the merits of fine brandy.


8. And you’re done! We’ll choose the best submissions for inclusion in the game. Congratulations~!

RPG Maker Mitchell